Docker vs OpenStack

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I have an used PC at home which I’m planning to turn into a server for trivial stuff. The question in my mind was should I first install OpenStack then use Docker on it or do I need OpenStack at all? If not how do I “host” containers. Found the answer here nicely described in the article below:

Docker relies on a built-in feature of the Linux operating system named LXC (Linux containers).* LXC utilizes the built-in operating system features of process isolation for memory, and to a lesser degree, CPU and networking resources. Docker images do not require a complete boot of a new operating system, and as a result, provide a much lighter alternative for packaging and running applications on shared compute resources. In addition, it allows direct access to the device drivers which makes I/O operations faster than with a hypervisor approach. The latter makes it possible to use Docker directly on bare metal which, often times causes people to ask whether the use of a cloud such as OpenStack is really necessary if they’re already using Docker.

So I’ll just install a fresh Linux distro and try Docker on top of it straight away.