Searching Kindle Unlimited

book, non-tech

I have a long commute and after a few experiments (such as using my Surface Pro to write C# code, trying to learn F# on my phone using an iOS app called Continuous etc) I found out the easiest way to make use of the lost time is reading ebooks on my Kindle. Hence I started Kindle Unlimited membership a few days ago. So far my opinion is that the quality of the books suck! All I could find are small “booklets” with around 50 pages that nobody cares about. But I’ll keep using it for a while and will make a decision on quitting it later.

Another problem is you cannot simply search the title eligible to Kindle Unlimited on Amazon’s website. You can search the Kindle Store which contains all ebooks. But I found a neat trick to search Kindle Unlimited only: On the Kindle device itself there is store button which you can search. Then you can refine the search by some criteria one of which is Kindle Unlimited:

This way I can filter by Kindle Unlimited and add to my bookshelf straight from the device.